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can you snort diazepam

Can You Run It Can you snort valium?
08.04.2007  Best Answer: I've not tried it personally but a very close friend either snorts or crushes and smokes pretty much anything his favorite is smoking Diazepam

can you snort diazepam

Cymbalta Questions including "What.

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    Diazepam, better known as Valium, is one of the most commonly used drugs for treating insomnia. The medicine is very effective in helping patients get to sleep
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    Shit you should NEVER SNORT! [Archive].

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    sorry if this is old news i don't know much about vals except that i went thru a They aren't very soluble in water, so no snorting/shooting isn't a good idea
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    can you snort diazepam

    Workplace Health & Wellbeing Cymbalta Questions including "What. .